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I only want to find a way

to live in dignity

but what shall I do

when my enemy is in me


Stress disorder


someone said to me

someone knows what It means to me

someone said how I feel

someone knows what I have to do

but I don´t


my personal agent says to me

after all that I´ve done to you

you will be happy to die

he knew everything ´bout me


I always tried to fight against it

I always want to take revenge

but I couldn´t, it was always

stronger than me

because it´s in me


they don´t know my nightmares

they don´t know my fear

they don´t know my flashbacks

when all the violence is in me


I shout: I´m not mad

I cried: get out of my head

I`m definitely not ill

get out or I will kill

or I will kill me



Stress disorder


Stress disorder


Stress disorder